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We also offer a range of other services as well as the expert design and manufacturing of bespoke low voltage switchboards. Reasons to choose us:
  • 45 years of industry experience
  • Expert design and build of electrical control systems
  • Friendly and professional service at each stage
  • Well-designed products
  • Proficient throughout all stages of concept design and manufacturing
  • Bespoke panels built to your needs
Call us to discuss your requirements For all enquiries, and to discuss a control panel build made to your specification, please contact us or call us for a no-obligation quote on 01329 722011 today.
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M Squared Control Systems are one of the UK's leading providers of building electrical control systems. We specialise in the design and construction of electrical distribution cabinets working with in-house designs using PLC and 3D CAD technology.
With a reputation as a first-class control panel manufacturer, we design and build electric control systems for a diverse range of customers, suitable for all the following applications.

Control Panels made to your specification Here at M Squared Controls Systems, we are UK-wide company providing control panels for large companies and specialising in major event power distribution. Our industrial control panel builders offer comprehensive build to print services, with complete control system design, build and programming.